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Launched in 2004 by Elizabeth Braha, Simple Dwellings, a New York based boutique firm, creates residential and commercial interiors that are known for their sophisticated, timeless and stylish aesthetic. Recognized for bringing experience and a fresh hip approach to each project, Simple Dwellings handles a full range of services, including decorating, interior construction design and management, as well as working alongside architects. The practice is strengthened by a great knowledge and appreciation of art and architectural history. We often interpret our clients’ visions brilliantly and beyond expectations; constantly editing and perfecting our ideas to create magnificent interiors.


With experience the firm has been able to maintain clear communication throughout the process of program development, cost analysis, design and documentation, and contract administration. A particular strength in understanding where a client should spend to achieve a beautiful and balanced design, focusing on quality and luxurious materials while studying a client’s lifestyle to maximize space and create comfort.


Working closely with clients to create unique and personal interiors, Simple Dwellings has built a reputation based on mutual understanding and trust.